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The Internet Computer Quiz

A quiz to test your understanding of the Internet Computer. Only the most dedicated IC fans can get 100%.

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What is the default node replication factor for the Internet Computer?

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What was the first functional chat application on the Internet Computer?

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What was the first podcast to be hosted directly on the Internet Computer?

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What was the first functional Reddit clone on the Internet Computer?

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What is the maximum limit of malicious nodes in a subnet before the subnet security is compromised?

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Within a few months after Mercury Genesis, was it possible for a member of the general public to buy ICP, stake ICP, and submit a proposal on the NNS?

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What percentage of Genesis tokens was reserved for the Dfinity team?

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What was the node replication factor for the NNS at Mercury Genesis launch?

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Data transfer over SSL is enforced by default on the Internet Computer.

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How much ICP is currently in this ICP wallet? 6986cfc7559c598fff07beace9a00096ada1635a4056c619bd3ac49271fdb4dc

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If a neuron has a maturity of 5% and has 10 ICP staked, how many ICP in rewards are there?

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What was the average return on 8 year dissolve delay staked ICP in new neurons (staked after Genesis) for the first few months after Genesis launch?

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What is the name of the first company to help users deploy static frontend sites to the Internet Computer?

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At Mercury Genesis there was a nice, easy to use GUI for seed round investors.

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When did DFINITY first release Motoko?

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What was the first experimental token created on the Internet Computer?

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What is the maximum age bonus for staking a neuron after 4 years?

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In which release was the DFINITY Canister SDK released?

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What percentage of Genesis tokens was reserved for seed round investors?

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How much better is the reward for staking with a dissolve delay of 8 years compared with a dissolve delay of 6 months, assuming all else is the same?

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At Mercury Genesis launch, what was the minimum number of ICP that you could stake in a neuron?

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How many transactions has this ICP wallet had? 6986cfc7559c598fff07beace9a00096ada1635a4056c619bd3ac49271fdb4dc

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Are all blocks stored permanently on the Internet Computer?

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Which programming languages can be used on the Internet Computer

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You lose your age bonus immediately when you click dissolve on your neuron.

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