This page is devoted to recognizing the valuable contributions from the community to The ICP Guide. Eventually GUIDE token will be given to those who contribute to The Guide in some way, however, we still don’t have a widely accepted Internet Computer token standard so it is still a little too early to create the GUIDE token. In the meantime, I will keep this contributors list updated and when the token is released, GUIDE will be distributed for past and future efforts according to the ICP Guide contribution agreement (still under development).

Community Partners

The ICP Maximalist Network: The home for ICP enthusiasts looking to get more involved in the Internet Computer ecosystem. The ICPMN provides 24/7/365 support to Internet Computer enthusiasts, where you can get answers to your questions, make connections with others, and build new relationships.

Motoko School: A place to learn about anything. Currently under development. Interesting collaboration opportunities coming soon!

Community Contributors to The ICP Guide

Bob: Technical infrastructure for The ICP Guide; wrote ICP Guide articles; managed ICP Guide community (newsletter, DSCVR portal, community contributions)

CatPirate: Compiled an incredible initial list of DFINITY applications.

Wenzel: Contributed to the ultimate ICP Staking FAQ; early stage feedback on The ICP Guide

icpmaximalist: Contributed to the ultimate ICP Staking FAQ; promoted ICP Guide in the ICP Maximalist Network telegram

lastmjs: Provided informal technical reviews and ideas for ICP Guide articles

darkmath: Wrote the Explaining the Internet Computer to a 5 Year Old article

Don’t see your name listed? Contribute to The ICP Guide! Send me a note and we can find a place for you to contribute!